Last update evar!!!
04 May 2011

Consider this to be the last update on this site ever!
I recently got a couple of e-mails about my site (the first ones in nine years!) so decided to update some of the information (thanks Chris). I've hardly been using my TI-83 in the past seven years. Instead I've been programming all kinds of other neat devices, like the Gameboy Advance, DS, DSi, Wii, iPhone/iPod Touch (and got paid for it :), and have been working on a hobby OS (among other things). During all these activities, my experience with the TI-83 have been of use. Learning Z80 assembler on this little machine really teaches you a lot about low level computer programming, which is extremely usefull when you're a systems programmer :).
As for the site, don't expect any more updates. Maybe I'll upload the source code of all my unfinished projects, but that will be it.
Anyway, thanks for dropping by, I hope the information you find here is of any use to you. And, most importantly, have fun programming :)


New Sections Opened!
10 March 2002

I've opened the Processor and the Unfinished Projects sections!
What can you find in these sections? Well, in the processor section, you can learn how a processor works and what it looks like from the inside. In the Unfinished projects section, you can find and download most of my unfinished projects! It's worth a visit.

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Site Finally Updated
19 Januari 2002

As you can see, I finally updated my website. No more crap about Viper sportscars, Tombraider or Mission: Impossible 2. That's all in the past. Now, it's just TI-83 and Z80! I will try to update my page frequently but I'm not promissing anything. On this site, you will find information on the TI-83 Graphics Calculator and the Zilog Z80 Microprocessor. If you've ever visited then you've propably noticed that my new layout is heavily based onto theirs. O.K. I admit, it's practicaly the same layout but it really looks great in my opinion.

Dune II - Demo 2 Released!
18 Januari 2002

I finally got back to work on Dune II and have finished Demo2! I've uploaded it to but it could take a couple of days before it's in the archive. I've completely rewritten it and added a couple of new features including level compression and radar. There isn't much gameplay yet (just looking around) but I'm workin' on it. You can also download it here but I would prefer it that you download it from TIcalc (so I can see how many times it has been downloaded). For more information, visit the unfinished projects section.

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04 May 2011

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