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Unfinished Projects
Here you will find most of the programs I intended to create, but I never finished them :( You can download the program files if you like but I don't include any source or help files.

The Projects
Name Screenshot Description
Large This Ashell program displays a 256*256 pixel b&w picture of lara croft. Scroll with the arrows and exit with del.
Stadium One of my first projects, I tried to create Pokémon stdium for the TI-83, I failed. Due to a lack of knowledge and memory, I abandoned the project. This game became way too large for the poor TI-83. Graphicly, it is really good but there is no gameplay and it crashes (Guaranteed) Ashell required. You also need this file. (Del exits, 2nd selects)
Sprite Part of the Pokémon Stadium project. This is a rolling demo of the battlescreen. Looks really great but is too large in size. Ashell required.
Gangstas I was going to create this program with a friend of mine but we both lost interrest in it. It was supposed to be some criminal game. Exit with enter, Ashell required.
Loading A Level loader for my second attempt on Gangstas. Required maps are 8 times smaller than they used to be. Required level is here. Ashell required, exit with Del key.
Mortal My attempt to bring Mortal Kombat to the TI-83. Use 2nd,alpha,mode,X to fight (doesn't inflict damage) use del to quit. Ashell required, you'll also need the Warrior pack and a LOT of free memory.
Delspr This is not really a project. It was just an experiment. I wanted to know if I could modify Movax's sprite routine so it could display 16*16 sprites and mask them as well. I can! Ashell required, use Del to exit.
Overkill Uhm.. well, this was a very short attempt to create a shoot'm up. Ashell required Exit with del.
Windows Yeah, another windows clone, and a lousy one too. Send(9prgmWINDOWS. Just crash to exit :)
VOS 0.14 My very first attempt on creating an OS. Send(9prgmTEST14 and delete it!
TIP One of my first programs. It was supposed to be a Browser but it works like Sh*t. Send(9prgmTIP and pull out your batteries. You're gonna need this example page as well.
Clock This is a clock wich runs at CPU speed so way to fast. Looks cool though. There's no exit. Send(9prgmCLOCK and pull out your batteries.
Why unfinished?
As you can see, I have quite some unfinished projects on my harddisk. Now how did that happen? Well, usually I start of really well. Until I stumble upon some problem I don't know how to solve. Then I quickly loose interest for a project and it just sits there on my harddrive.